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Деионизационный фильтр WATEX DEION MINI (1222)



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Деионизационный фильтр WATEX DEION MINI


Deionization / demineralization / desalting filter WATEX DEION MINI.
  • Demineralization patron (tank) 3500 liters *(dH)
  • Accords to 175 liters demineralized water at (20odH)
  • Outside thread ½’’
  • Max. working pressure 6 bar
  • Mounted water flow sensor
  • Does not require special utilization methods.
  • Includes fasteners and wall mounting bracket.
  • Changeable elements.
  • Water quality after filter 0,1 microS/cm
  • Analog to Junkers Bosch VES Mini plus demineralization patrons.
Electrical conductivity must not exceed 10 microS/cm.
Water system not always provides heating system with chemically clean water for good heat transferring. You have to control quality of water, water properties and with that mineral substances in water of whom water quality is defined. If water quality is bad it can damage the heating system with corrosion and limescale. 


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