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Iron tester (250)



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Jautājuma forma
Iron tester


Tester for water analysis
Our company offers two types of water testers: for iron and hardness identity.
Iron tester
Testing kit provides rapid determination of iron content in the water. There is no need to carry water samples to the laboratory and wait for the results. The iron content determines by the colorimetric method. Depending upon the intensity of the color, will be determined iron level. The kit contains flask with reagent, graduated flask and color scale for iron determination. Tester allows determining the iron content for about 50 times
Technical characteristics: kit to detect iron concentrations from 0,05 to 15 mg / l , by the colorimetric method.
Package: plastic box with sizes:  H х W х T - 15 х 10 х 4 сm.
Usage: Water is poured into a graduated flask, add reagent, shake flasks and compare it with the color chart of iron determination. Number of measurements -  about 50.
Date of expiry:unlimited

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