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Hardness tester (251)



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Hardness tester



Testing kit provides rapid determination of water hardness. There is no need to carry water samples to the laboratory and wait for the results. Effective way to check if water softener works or not. The hardness content determines by the colorimetric method. Depending on color, will be determined hardness level – blue is soft, red is hard. The kit contains 3 flasks with reagent, graduated flask, indicator and titrant. Testing kit allows determining hardness for about 25 times

Technical characteristics: The test determines hardness in the mg/l as CaCO3 by the colorimetric method

Package: plastic box with sizes:  H х W х T - 15 х 10 х 4 сm.


Directions of use:

  1.  Rinse the measuring vessel with the water to be tested and fill up the 5 ml mark
  2. Add 1-2 drops of indicator and swirl. In presence of hardness higher than 3 ppm CaCO3 a wine red colour will appear (A blue colour indicates absence of hardness. With hardness lower than 3 ppm the colour of the sample shifts from violet, to grey to pink).
  3.  Add titrant drop by drop, mixing after each addition. Count the drops until the colour changes from red to blue. Each drop corresponds to 10 ppm.
  4. For softened water, fill the vessel to the 10 ml mark and add 2-4 drops of indicator. Each drop of titrant corresponds to 5 ppm.

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