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Water softener WATEX CMS CAB (186)



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Private home 

Iron: At first, the water is clear, but when in contact with air, stained brown and form deposits on sanitary facilities. Metallic taste. Norm 0.2 mg / l. 

Manganese: At first, the water is clear, but when in contact with air, there is a dark shade and form a black precipitate on the sanitary facilities. Metallic taste. Often manganese is supplied with iron. The provision 0.05 mg / l. 

Limescale: Hardness salts, Ca and Mg form limescale deposits on sanitary facilities. Limescale is a result of clogged pipes, shower strainers, heaters fouling. Technical equipment rapidly wears out or increases power consumption. 

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Water softener WATEX CMS CAB



  • Effective solution for water softening, removal of iron, manganese and amonium
  • Regeneration with brine solution from salt tablets (NaCl)
  • Reliable and efficient operation for at least 10 years
  • Apply for private houses, cottages, guesthouses, connected to central water supply systems
  • Automatic purification and regeneration by volume control
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Low operating costs
  • High quality materials, components
  • Filter does not remove smell. WATEX CMB or CTO or AERO should be installed in addition

Hardness salts, Ca and Mg form scale deposits on heat exchangers, nozzles, fittings, pipes, sanitary facilities. Fine technical equipment rapidly out of order or increasing power consumption.



The solution of these problems for households is softening by WATEX CMS CAB series ion exchange resin filters (reduces limescale) that are regenerated with NaCl. Water softening equipment also effectively reduce iron, manganese and ammonium.



 For recovery of filtering material (ion resins) reagent (NaCl or salt tablets) is used. Wastewaters produced in regeneration processes of equipment in WATEX CMS CAB can be directly discharged to biological wastewater treatment plant. WATEX CMS CAB consists of a filter column, control unit and salt tank. The filter column is filled with ion exchange resin (cationic), which reduces hardness and iron concentration in water. The control unit performs automatic regeneration. Salt tank is filled with a reagent (NaCl, salt tablets) for resin regeneration. Capacity of filter material is calculated according to amount of resins and raw water quality.                  



 WATEX CMS CAB is equipped with a Clack WSCI1 control unit, with a built-in flow meter that performs filter material regeneration according to water consumption. Flowmeter saves water and salt used for filter regeneration. The unit can be fitted with a bypass pipeline that allows to perform maintenance works with ease. Control unit saves all information in case of power failure. Equipment has many parameters that can be adjusted according to needs, such as washing time, frequency, reagent consumption, and so on. It is possible to change the water hardness.                                    


EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE                                

Although the equipment uses salt tablets for regeneration it is safe to use filtered water for drinking and other human needs. It is necessary to provide electricity connection power (one socket), sewerage drainage and incoming / outgoing water supply with minimum pressure of 2.5 bar.              



  • Before selection of equipment, it is recommended to test raw water chemical composition.
  • Before the water filter, it is preferable to install mechanical filter to ensure long-term equipment service life.


Additional equipment options:

  • Condensate isolation for tank
  • By-pass valve – For easier assembly
  • Repair and maintenance kit – Spanner wrench, injectors (2 pcs.)


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