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ATLAS water filter HYDRA RAH (self cleaning) (1050)



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Turbidity: Most often found in drinking water network, especially in times when water pipes are made repair or disconnecting, cleaning and so on. Clear water might contain floating particles that are visible. Turbidity in water is as unexpected, uninvited guest who may appear in the worst possible moments. If the filter will not be installed, all washes clothes could became dirty. As another example, it is unpleasant to take a shower in dirty, muddy water with bad odour. 

5 m³/h 

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ATLAS water filter HYDRA RAH (self cleaning)


ATLAS HYDRA RAH  self-cleaning filters

Application: Removal of sand, iron oxide flakes, limescale deposits etc.

Product benefits:

  • High flow rates, low pressure drops
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Durable
  • Transparent glass for ease inspection
  • Brass thread inserts for inlet and outlet connection
  • Effective cartridge cleaning system
  • Cold water application


Technical parameters of equipment





IN/OUT connections




Cartridge type


stainless steel net

Purification degree



Max.flow rate










Set includes: Cartridge body, Stainless steel 90 micron cartridge, Mounting bracket, Flushing valve, Drain connection set.

ATLAS HYDRA RAH  self-cleaning filters have been designed with innovative solutions regarding the efficiency of the systems for the self – cleaning of the cartidge, thanks to newly designed back –wash on counter – current which grants the highest particles removal from the cartridge. When the cartridge is to be cleaned, the cleaning operation with back-wash is simply operated by opening the discharge ball valve at the filter bottom. That operation causes a pressure-drop which pushes the cartridge downward the housing bottom and reverses the water flow from the outer to the inner side of the cartridge. It is that counter-current back flow which washes away to the discharge the impurities trapped onto the outer side of the cartridge. The filters perform 90 micron filter rate with stainless steel net cartridge.

The HYDRA filter features a drain funnel, which is a device designed to protect potable water in water installations against pollution by backflow in accordance with European standard UNI EN 1717 November 2002. This device prevents backflow by making all elements downstream from the solenoid drain valve vent to atmosphere (protection unit symbol: DC).


Non-toxic materials, suitable for drinking water, in compliance with the UE “Directive 98/83/EC”.

Head: reinforced polypropylene.

Bowl: PET.

O-ring: EPDM.

Breather-valve: body stainless steel, O-ring EPDM.

IN/OUT threads: CW 614 N brass inserts.

RAH cartridge: stainless steel net AISI 316, frame and end caps polypropylene.

Cartridges spring: stainless steel AISI 316-L.

Discharge ball-valve: CW 614 N brass.

Drain funnel: reinforced polypropylene.


Please see this link for detailed information: hydra_filter_technical_information.pdf

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