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Bag water filter WATEX BF1-2 (613)



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Turbidity: Most often found in drinking water network, especially in times when water pipes are made repair or disconnecting, cleaning and so on. Clear water might contain floating particles that are visible. Turbidity in water is as unexpected, uninvited guest who may appear in the worst possible moments. If the filter will not be installed, all washes clothes could became dirty. As another example, it is unpleasant to take a shower in dirty, muddy water with bad odour. 

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Bag water filter WATEX BF1-2


Application: Removal of sand, iron oxide flakes, limescale deposits etc. 
Mechanical filter provides removal of suspended solids and reduces turbidity. Filter is equipped with a bag type filtration element - during operation period repeatedly changeable and washable.
Flow rate: Qnom= 15 m3/h
Bag filters quantity: 1 pc.
Body material: PVC
Connection size: DN50
Filter size (diameter x height): 225 x 1006 mm
Control: pressure gauge before and after
Maximum working pressure: 7 bar
Filtration rate: 5, 25, 50, 100, 200 microns

Filtration elements: bag type  



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