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Iron removal filter WATEX CMB14 (133)



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Private home 





Iron: At first, the water is clear, but when in contact with air, stained brown and form deposits on sanitary facilities. Metallic taste. Norm 0.2 mg / l. 

Manganese: At first, the water is clear, but when in contact with air, there is a dark shade and form a black precipitate on the sanitary facilities. Metallic taste. Often manganese is supplied with iron. The provision 0.05 mg / l. 

Smell: Just out of the tap to pour cold water felt a specific smell. It can be as foul eggs or swamp. 

Turbidity: Most often found in drinking water network, especially in times when water pipes are made repair or disconnecting, cleaning and so on. Clear water might contain floating particles that are visible. Turbidity in water is as unexpected, uninvited guest who may appear in the worst possible moments. If the filter will not be installed, all washes clothes could became dirty. As another example, it is unpleasant to take a shower in dirty, muddy water with bad odour. 

Number of consumers 5 

Number of consumers 6 

2 m³/h 

Without chemical reagents 

Oxidation with air 

Flow control 


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Jautājuma forma
Iron removal filter WATEX CMB14



  • A simple solution for 5 problems - turbidity, iron (up to 3 mg/l), manganese, odour, arsenic
  • Regeneration does not require reagents - no salt, no potassium permanganate (KMnO4)
  • Effective working even at low pH and high content of organics
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Filter service life is more than 10 years
  • Natural, environmentally friendly filtration process. Do not impair the water quality
  • Automatic purification and regeneration
  • High quality materials, components
  • Apply for private houses, cottages, guesthouses, small apartment houses.


 Technical parameters of filter



Flow rate Qnom



Flow rate Qmax



Diameter x height


360 x 1850

Weight (empty)



Water – drain connection


1,25”- 1''

Automatic control valve


Clack WSCl 1,25'' (USA)

Tank material


Composite material – inline PE

with fiberglass outside coating

Filtration media


AquaMandix catalytic filtration media,

quartz sand of various fractions

The amount of water for one regeneration



Minimum flow rate for rinsing






Electricity consumption




Requirements for normal work of water filter:

  • Connection to drain
  • Electricity connection 220 V, 1 phase
  • Water pressure 2 - 6 bar
  • Room temperature above 0° C
  • Water temperature to 25° C
  • Correct installation


WATEX CMB14 is automatic water filter for water treatment that can filtrate iron, manganese, odour, turbidity and arsenic, without the use of any reagents. It is based on the oxidation and filtration method. WATEX CMB consists of filter tank, automatic control valve and filtration media. Due to air pillow in the tank, substances that are in water are oxidized and filtered. Filter need drain and electricity connection. Filter is designed for high flow rate and low pressure loss. Rinsing water can be directly discharged to biological wastewater treatment plant.


Water filter operating restrictions:

Max. oxidized iron (Fe3+) content

15 mg/l

Max. dissolved iron (Fe2+) content

3 mg/l

Max. oxidized manganese (Mn2+) content

1 mg/l

Max. hydrogen sulphide (H2S) content

5 mg/l

pH for iron (Fe2+) removal


pH for manganese (Mn2+) removal


Organic, humus substances, ammonia, chlorine, hardness salts and other contaminants does not adversely affect the filter performance, but reduces the lifetime.


WATEX CMB14 water filter normally used as a pre-filter for softener or organic removal filter, especially if the water has a specific smell.


Additional equipment options:

  • Condensate isolation for tank
  • By-pass valve – For easier assembly
  • Water meter built-in valve- provides a rinse of equipment after consumed water volume
  • Repair and maintenance kit – Spanner wrench, injectors (2 pcs.)


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