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WS1 External In-Line Mixing Valve (701)



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WS1 External In-Line Mixing Valve


Clack Corporation has developed its external in-line mixing valve that will adapt to any Clack 1" or 1.25" control valve, 1191 and 1190FP in/out head or inline bypass and will allow blending of raw water back into the system.
You can use the external in-line mixing valve on water softeners to blend a desired amount of hardness back in the line or use it on a carbon filter to blend a small amount of chlorine back in the line.
The external in-line mixing valve will help OEM’s and distributors control their inventory by only having to keep standard model control valves in inventory instead of multiple types like they have had to do in the past. This allows the feature to be added to previous installations also.

• Operating Pressures: 20 - 125 psi / 1.4 - 8.6 bar
• Temperature Ranges: 40 - 110°F / 4 - 43°C
• Install only on cold water supplies
• 24 per carton
Mixing rates will vary depending on type of media, depth of media, the use of under bedding, flow rates and line pressure.
As a general guideline we do not recommend its use on larger than 13” diameter tanks.
Average mixing rates of the influent hardness or chlorine could be:
Up to 50% on 6” to 9” Diameter Tanks
Up to 40 % on 10” Diameter Tanks
Up to 30 % on 12” Diameter Tanks
Up to 20 % on 13” Diameter Tanks


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