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Activate carbon GAC cartridge 10" (1063)


Hind ilma KM-ta: 3.00 EUR

Lisa Ostukorvi
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Activate carbon GAC cartridge 10"


Ideal as a stand-alone water filter or as post filtration to an RO system, Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Filter Cartridges contain NSF-certified activated coconut shell carbon to produce clean water that far exceeds the industry standards. These GAC filters possess a tremendous capacity to remove not only chlorine and unpleasant odours, but bad water taste and heavy metals as well. This cartridge is a part of a drinking water treatment system WATEX RO75GPD.



  • Size: 10" (252 mm)
  • Filter material: coconut shell-based activated carbon
  • Operating water temperature: to +40 оС
  • Working pressure: 125 PSI


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