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Female adaptor 6x1/4'' (975)



Hind ilma KM-ta: 2.29 EUR

Lisa Ostukorvi
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Female adaptor 6x1/4''


The PM Range of metric size fittings is manufactured in black acetal copolymer with food grade nitrile ‘O’ rings. Being especially produced for foodstuff and potable liquids, they are equally suitable for air and inert gases and can therefore be used on N2/CO2 (installed in accordance with the Brewers and Licensed Retailers Association code of practice) mixed gas dispense lines and pneumatic applications and vacuum.

Tube OD - 6 mm, thread bsp - ¼”.



  • Push-fit technology
  • Quick disconnection without the need for tools
  • Food Quality and suitable for potable liquids
  • Suitable for soft metal or plastic tubes
  • Suitable for air or inert gases
  • Superior flow characteristics.

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